Thursday, March 31, 2016

BvS Speed Sketch by Noval Hernawan

"Here's the quick sketch of my BvS digital drawing. Pencil sketch on procreate, inked and colour in Photoshop.

Was doing a quick sketch on my ipad while waiting for my boy tuition class last weekend. End up doing the quick ink and colour as well. Inspired by one of the episode of Batman brave and the bold when Supes infected by red 'K' and almost crushed Batsy skull if he's not saved by the bell. Yes, I'm with team Superman for sure."
(Noval N. Hernawan on Facebook)
BvS Noval Hermawan

Friday, March 25, 2016

"Dark Souls III" Chalk Mural by れなれな

A chalk mural done by "れなれな" (Twitter @1oxjiji07) drawn circa March 10th, 2016, to promote the video game "Dark Souls III" (launching March 24th on PlayStation & Xbox One /

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

"Eternal" (2015) by Joe Fenton

"‘Eternal’, the finished piece, will be on display in a group art show called ‘In Service of Monsters’ as a tribute to the filmography of Guillermo Del Toro curated by Chogrin and Gary Deocampo at Gallery 1988 (West) in Los Angeles, CA. USA ( Dates: Sept 11, 2015 - Oct 3rd, 2015. This piece was inspired by Guillermo Del Toro’s first film 'Cronos'. A special thanks to Peter Gabriel for letting me use ‘With this love (Choir)’ from the album ‘Passion’." (London based artist Joe Fenton)

A photo posted by Joe Fenton (@jfentonart) on

A photo posted by Joe Fenton (@jfentonart) on

Starred Freckles by Qinni (Watercolor + Gouache Painting Timelapse)

"Her face was like the night could almost trace out the constellations with her star-like freckles…" - time-lapse of Watercolor + Gouache Painting by Qinni (Facebook / Tumblr / DeviantART).

Jonathan Edwards for #PowerUpSimmerDown

@jontofski painting for our show #PowerUpSimmerDown Opens next month in Tokyo

A video posted by Felt Mistress (@feltmistress) on

A short 15-seconds clip of Jonathan Edwards illustrating a "furry guy on a bike", for "Power Up Simmer Down" show in Tokyo (April 6th-21st) featuring the works of Jonathan himself, and Louise Evans AKA Felt Mistress. Check out the WIP-steps shown below.

Finished. See @feltmistress stream for a mid process video. #brushpen #ink #PowerUpSimmerDown

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Monday, March 21, 2016

"Girl with a Pearl Earring" by Chan Hwee Chong

"Girl with a Pearl Earring" by Chan Hwee Chong (Behance / done with Faber Castell Artist Pen, with drawing/video circa 2011.

Source: Facebook

Messy Portrait by Joonas Ennala

Ink & Acrylic. 24 x 32 cm by Finland based Joonas Ennala (Behance / Instagram @blackraptorart / Etsy).